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Today is April 17, 2014. I am alive and well.

They are shutting off the water to my building for three hours. I hate when this happens. I try to drink less fluids. I hate drinking less fluids. Then I think, what if it were my condo that was having plumbing issues and needed to have the water shut off in order to resolve them. Then I would say thank God, they’re turning off the water.

Plumbing amazes me. It’s mysterious because I have no idea how it works. The same with electricity. Modern amazes me. I don’t wear modern well. You will not find me dressed in revealing clothes, the kind that show a great deal of skin, unless it’s the back of the dress that is cut out. I have a good back. Maybe that is the point of being modern—highlight the good. Magnify the good. Watch as the ant leaves one little castle for the next.

I pay my utility bills so magic can happen. Magic happens in homes everyday. There are no dark out houses, mostly. Mostly, there is a bathroom with a switch. And the toilet takes care of the waste—how exciting. All this has been said, so I will say it no more. Congratulations to the dog that pees like a cat in one identified place. It is good to not have the house treated as a yard. A yard swallows urine. A carpet cups it.