Today is April 17, 2014. I am alive and well.

They are shutting off the water to my building for three hours. I hate when this happens. I try to drink less fluids. I hate drinking less fluids. Then I think, what if it were my condo that was having plumbing issues and needed to have the water shut off in order to resolve them. Then I would say thank God, they’re turning off the water.

Plumbing amazes me. It’s mysterious because I have no idea how it works. The same with electricity. Modern amazes me. I don’t wear modern well. You will not find me dressed in revealing clothes, the kind that show a great deal of skin, unless it’s the back of the dress that is cut out. I have a good back. Maybe that is the point of being modern—highlight the good. Magnify the good. Watch as the ant leaves one little castle for the next.

I pay my utility bills so magic can happen. Magic happens in homes everyday. There are no dark out houses, mostly. Mostly, there is a bathroom with a switch. And the toilet takes care of the waste—how exciting. All this has been said, so I will say it no more. Congratulations to the dog that pees like a cat in one identified place. It is good to not have the house treated as a yard. A yard swallows urine. A carpet cups it.


1 thought on “Today is April 17, 2014. I am alive and well.

  1. Pamela Spiro Wagner

    GOod luck, it is a bummer but it sounds iike it will only be for three hours, no? Maybe go out and get out od the house for the day and come back when things are back Online. That ‘s the best advcie I can offer. I hate it when that happens here too, and much too often!



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