Today is May 18, 2014. I am alive and well.

I want my inner self to be a souped up engine in a black Sting Ray Correvette. I also want my inner self to be a wisp of cotton caught on the arm of a reaching cactus. The day is loud. The day is quiet. I want them both. Even the middle of the two will bless me with time well spent.

I spent time today on my hands and knees scrubbing my tile floors. Spic and Span works wonders. My inner self was pleased with the motion of my body. Just as my inner self was pleased with the motion of my body this morning at the gym–cardio on the cardio machine (I can’t remember what this machine is called) and weight lifting. The outer self connects with the inner self and together they sing arias.

I feel fortunate that I have all of my limbs…both arms, both legs, all my toes and fingers. And I can see and hear and talk and write. One day I was moaning abut the mile walk I had from my parked car to campus. Then I came upon a young man missing one leg and using a crutch. He too was walking the mile. I’m certain he could have asked for a handicap sticker that would enable him to have less of a walk. From that day forward, I didn’t complain about the walk. God is good to me and allows me to witness the drive of the human spirit.


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