Today is August 4, 2013. I am alive and well.

Alive and well…..with a bit of anxiety. My book is launching soon. I am excited but also scared. I was going to say terrified, but I think that word is a bit strong. Of course, in the book I have relationships with other people. Relationships are not always smooth; sometimes they are challenging, even a bit rocky. I considered how the book might effect people that see themselves in it even though their names have been changed. But I don’t think I considered deeply enough. For a moment I thought that maybe I shouldn’t have written the book. Sigh. Someone reminded me that I am a writer, that is what I do. The same someone has read the galley copy of the book and has said the book is honest and that is important. I will trust them and try to relax. If you ordered the book through Amazon, I believe you will receive it on the 27th of this month. It hits the store on the 1st of September. Soon. Most of the time, I feel exhilarated. These next three weeks will pass quickly, although the clock will remain true; sixty minutes is always sixty minutes, ha.


1 thought on “Today is August 4, 2013. I am alive and well.

  1. Patricia

    did you get my comment? Maybe not. I’ll try again… I am extremely excited about your book coming out! It like watching a friend giving birth to their first baby! You are a real writer through and through and, I believe, will have other books you will see come into existence. Savor this time as a great adventure! I feel like I’m riding along with you…



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