Today is July 21, 2013. I am alive and well.

Would I really tell you I wasn’t well if I wasn’t. Yes. Guaranteed. So, let’s talk about breakfast. I once had a friend tell me that he treated himself with a Frappacino every morning, and doing this helped get him out of bed in the morning. Well, I have a plain bagel smothered in butter and sugar free orange marmalade! I love it and look forward to it. Oh, and of course there is always coffee. Always coffee.


In the psychosis of a dark mind, strong lights shouldn’t have to stay dim. This has been a challenge for my prescribing psychiatrists; they have to lessen my impaired thinking without squelching the fire within that drives me. Often times, I think medication prevents me from writing at the depth I wish to write. I have to be reminded that I can’t write at all when claimed by psychosis. I don’t envy the doctors’ positions. I’m just glad that, over the years, I have had doctors that really listen to me, who don’t want to medicate me to numbness, but seek to allow vitality to burn free, also.


1 thought on “Today is July 21, 2013. I am alive and well.

  1. Sheila Taube

    Your writing is firey enough as you are. When you are in your psychosis your writing isn’t deeper or more vivid. It’s just wilder and meaningless to all but your confused mind. Your writing (as your book will attest) is gorgeous and colorful enough. I have seen that mind and as much as I love that part of you, I could not connect with your soul the way that I can when your meds are working. Loving all parts of you is interesting and fun, if not always simple.



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