Today is July 15, 2013. I am alive and well.

So, the six books I brought home on blogging, word press, and tweeter remain un-cracked. I want to be able to rest my hand on the cover and retrieve all the information there is to retrieve. Wouldn’t that be a great thing if we could just touch and know. If we could touch and know all there is to know about a person in one meeting, the excitement would be ruined. Getting to know a person slowly can be savored. Many meetings over coffee! Bummer to learn you don’t like the person; hopefully it is a mutual dislike so no one gets hurt and there are no nagging text messages. Must say though, it has been along time since i spent time with someone I dislike, or grew to dislike. Sweet. Below is another excerpt from Mind WIthout a Home.

In here are people prepared to help me let go of the agitation of tight pants, slip me into cotton, the cotton a dream state where for miles my mind can jog softly down the freeways of other worlds and not be hurt or standing in the world of 2 a.m. at the edge of a cliff wanting to jump, knowing I could fly if gravity would just stay still for a minute. Dream of sleep, then jump, always to float in the safety of the subconscious. It is waking that is the challenge. My body caught in the sensation of life, twisted this evening into a knotted string of twine.


1 thought on “Today is July 15, 2013. I am alive and well.

  1. cass rankin

    Mornin’. All is well, I really like the look of your blog. Very attractive, your words are eloquent in a world that is not so. i excitedly look forward to reading your book entirely. I will have a copy of my own so I may read again and again. wonderful week to you see you soon, love me



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