Today is May 25, 2015. I am alive and well.

Just for fun!……

The napkin is lovely, large white and starched. The napkin comes alive, quietly catching food. It earns its name. The work is easy; my lap is flat.

I ordered a veggie burger with sautéed mushrooms, sauteed  onions, and avocado–all on a bun that half ass does its work. I sympathize though, the burger hangs over the edge. How can a bun control a burger when the burger is larger than the bun?

I like restaurants. They are unencumbered by sun. They are off the beaten trail of masses of people all carrying keys to important buildings.

The restaurant I frequent is dimly lit with high ceilings and gorgeous chandeliers that do their work. The energy is one of “aim to please” with happy folks dipping into salsa or devouring sweet corn cakes.

A child cries. The parent can’t control the kid even though the parent’s bum is larger than the child.

The child is loud. The conversation I’ve been eavesdropping on is washed away. I will not find out who Mary is in all of this.

I finish my food with a gulp of water, ask for the check and thank the waitress. I am leaving full. The entree has done its job. It’s wonderful to be around things that work.

I cut my nails too short and am unable to pick the quarter up off the table. The quarter can’t work if it stays on the table. I ask the bus boy to please take the quarter. He does. All is right in the world.


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