Today is March 11, 2015. I am alive and in emotional pain.

My world turned to fog yesterday. Have you ever been asked to do something that you don’t want to do by a person you really respect? It feels like I’m being disemboweled, my heart torn out, my body left to lay on the concrete, an unattractive rug. Why did I agree to do this thing? It’s really complicated. I am to do it for a month. I guess, simply, I want to know the lesson in what I’ve been asked to do.

Unfortunately, it involves hurting someone I love. I absorb the pain. It is a heat that spreads to my lungs, causing me to be short of breath. I want to tell my  loved one that the month will move quickly, the days a cough from someone without a cold.

My heart is heavy today, but at lease I feel it in my chest. I reach out to the one I love. I wonder if he can feel me, a brush of finger along his jaw line. This blog is my only way to communicate my love for my love. Unless of course, he opens his heart to the possibility that energy travels in thought like a blind pigeon knowing his way home.

Feel my hand at rest on your chest. The fog hovers, I know this. But I also know the bond two people share can move through tunnels, exploding into light at the end.


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