Today is October 23, 2014. I am alive and well.

A Wave in the Wind

She is not any bigger than a minute and is as flamboyant as a nun. Two ton Ricky waved her down from the bridge. It’s a long fall off the Golden Gate to the bay. He was afraid she would stop breathing on the way down. There were no branches to catch her skirt. The day was peach colored and keen. Breakfast at Lulu’s was a good idea. They crack the eggs right in front of you. She pressed her ear to Ricky’s ear and heard the same sounds as him. Who was to know he listened to grandma say “don’t you rot in the road.” A sidewalk is a powerful thing. It bends destiny enough that you don’t have to fall into the pothole but can stand with your elephant on a leash, opting to detour at the grocery store where all the nuts hang out in salt. Rally for the beautiful day that exists.


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