Today is July 11, 2014. I am alive and well.

My brain is not getting sick over the devastation of losing Guy. I am amazed at this. My schizophrenia hangs in the rafters of a beautiful cathedral with lots of stained glass windows. It is not wrapping itself around my chest, causing me to lose breath. I have never been healthier.

I am glad for the things in my life that I do. Glad for cardio on a treadmill. Glad to have workout with a friend. Glad to read and write. Glad to work at the library. I love watching my kittens play. They are losing their feral identity and actually coming up to me. Grams, named after my grandmother, played for an hour in my lap.

Live may be moving slowly, but it is moving on. I can delight in small things again. I bought a bouquet of flowers with one bent sunflower in the middle. It reminded me of light bowed in greeting.


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