Today is April 1, 2014. I am alive and well.

I turned 50 last week on the 27th. Amazing. I didn’t expect to live past 18. I’m happy to be fifty and look forward to the coming decade. Work spoiled me, cake and card. My friends spoiled me with a potluck. I picked up the cake. It weighed at least 8 pounds. Huge. Below is an excerpt from my second book..title unknown, yet to be published, yet to be finished.

Dear Behavioral Health Patient, Be glad you missed the heart attack. It can be worse–you could be blind. I understand you stumble around the unit, shamelessly in your gown. I’m glad you are giving the medication a chance, although the side effects are real. A rat flattened itself, lost its bones, squeezed through the door jamb. It was quite the odd thing, but then you looked away and the rat went missing.

Thank you for your readership.


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