Today is February 27, 2014. I am alive and well.

I’m just ripe from the gym…or is it fresh from the gym? I’ll go with ripe because that is the way I feel. Ready to go. No destination in mind. I don’t have to be anyplace for another hour and a half, but I will need to prepare myself to leave in half an hour. None of this is very interesting; I’m simply trying to warm up my writing mind. There is work being done outside my window. They are picking up large junks of the earth and putting them someplace else. As a kid, I would have loved to play in the hole they are leaving. My adult self, not so much. I’m more interested in not getting dirty than I am in having fun. I don’t want that to be the truth. I remind myself that I can always bathe. Let me add water to the earth, make mud, and then create pottery. I use to do that for hours believing I was on an archeological dig. The pottery was ancient. 

(I had to pause to scratch my love’s back.)

Time to end. Do something dirty today…aha! Where did that line take your mind?

Thank you for your readership.


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