Today is February 11, 2014. I am alive and well.

Gertrude Stein says it takes a long time to become a genius. She believed herself to be one of three geniuses. The other two were Alfred North Whitehead and Picasso. I wonder if I spent enough time in my study, contemplating things and writing in response to the air, if I too could prosper to genius. I doubt it, and if I could I think nothing in my life would change. What changes in life when one becomes a genius? Maybe it’s a silk coat meant to impress someone outside of self. Today, I don’t need reassurance outside my self. I do what I do because I know how to do nothing else….other than watch trashy television….ha. And although I said that I don’t need reassurance, reassurance is always a very nice thing that keeps me going if I am struggling with simply the right word.

Thanks for your readership.


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