Today is June 29, 2013. I am alive and well.

“Words can create, quicken, heal; words can destroy, maim, kill.” “Words,” Kipling says, “are the most powerful drug used by mankind.” “Words have consequences; writing is a moral act.”

To reflect on all this I found interesting. Do I agree with the quotes? Is my own philosophy on writing to be found somewhere amongst these statements?

I do experience writing as a drug. There is no better zone in all the world than to be in the middle of a poem or a piece of prose that promises to reveal some truth, or simply something interesting.

I will have to ponder “writing as a moral act” and get back to you on this. But I most definitely believe words have consequences. And I try to use words the way I want them to be heard. I’m certain there has been times when I am misunderstood. I use to worry about this. Mostly, I don’t any longer. The people that are suppose to understand will understand; and the people that won’t, weren’t meant to. This is what I know tonight.


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